Enterprise Application Development

Our team of programmers and developers comes from a strong technical background with experience gained from within academia and industry, that helps us to solve time sensitive and critical IT issues.

Our application development services spans the full software development and maintenance life cycle: Starting from Analysis, Design, development, Testing to final implementation and on-going maintenance.

We focus over resources in these following areas:

Medium to Large scale Enterprise Application Architecture with Java Enterprise platform

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java EE is a widely used platform for server programming in the Java programming language. Whether you are a new business or an already existing Java shop and need some additional help in getting your projects completed, we are here for you Read more... 


Small to Large scale Application Architecture with PHP

PHP has been widely popular and well accepted in the web application development technology. It is certainly the most preferred for small to medium scale projects.

We specialize in providing PHP based web development service to our customers by keeping barest of the latest developments in the PHP world. Read more...


Technical Expertise

ExtJS jQuery---------------- CodeIgniter Joomla WordPress Drupal---------------- Spring MVC Spring Security Spring Batch Spring-ws---------------- Grails Quartz Scheduler Integration Arquillian Testing F/w Drools Rule Engine